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  • 20:30 -22:00

    VANS v XDBX Racenight

    Come and join us this Wednesday at 20:30 BST for the VANS v XDBX Racenight. This friendly inter-crew race night will see each crew put forward 5 races each for a 10 race playlist of contact racing. Despite being a versus night we will not be running a H2H Playlist. Both crews will use game chat instead of separate parties for a night of fun but clean racing.

  • 20:00 -22:00

    jdm race night

    Come and join us on Wednesday 15th August for the Van Society JDM Race Night. Although not strictly JDM we will be racing the Japanese manufactured sports cars of GTA. We will start the night with a quick meet up to judge the best looking cars before moving on to a playlist of races.We will be racing two groups of cars, ideally you will need one car from each group. We can run GTA races to spawn in cars if you do not own one from each group.

    As usual we will expect clean racing and general respect for other drivers.

    JDM Race Night Group A

    Annis Elegy
    Dinka Jester
    Annis Elegy Retro Custom
    Dinka Jester Racecar
    Karin Kuruma
    Dinka Jester Classic

    JDM Race Night Group B

    Karin Sultan
    Maibatsu Penumbra
    Karin Futo
    Dinka Blista Compact

    Sign up as usual on GTAF:

  • 20:00 -22:00

    Retro Group C Race Night

    Come and join us on Monday 20th August  for a change of pace and era for our Retro Group C Race Night on Gran Turismo Sport. We will be racing these classic cars on a variety of tracks using the tyre system to handicap race winners as usual.

    Retro Group C Race Night Cars:

    Jaguar XJR-9
    Sauber Mercedes C9
    Nissan R92CP
    Mazda 787B

    These cars all carry a hefty price tag so get that grinding underway if you do not already own one.

    We will be racing with ghosting turned off, please remember basic racing etiquette.

  • 20:00 -22:00

    Mixed Class Racing

    Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd August for some Mixed Class Racing. We will be taking the Turismo & Cheetah Classics and pitting them against vehicles from other classes using Transform Races.

    Mixed Class Racing

    To make sure you are prepared you will need one of the following cars from each class to keep your options open on the night. The Turismo and Cheetah Classics will be available options in every race so as long as you own one of these all the other cars are optional.

    Sports Classics:
    Turismo Classic
    Cheetah Classic

    9F (Cabrio)
    Specter (Custom)
    Bestia GTS
    Comet (Retro Custom)
    Sentinel Classic

    Sultan RS
    Banshee 900R

    We will be stopping at the start of each race to use the Transform Checkpoints to bring the Sports Classics cars into each race. Each race will also be limited to some of the cars listed above. Please be aware of this and pay attention to make sure the night runs smoothly and we can start each race as quickly as possible.



  • 20:30 -22:30

    Porsche SuperCup

    The Porsche Supercup Week 6 will be held on Monday 27th of August on GT Sport. The teams are set but there are few spaces left if you want to get involved. We have recently added Road2Fury to the Tenshun Team and Aurelio to the Vanilla Unicorn team.This week will be at Suzuka win the same 3 Round format as Week1.

    Current Standings
    SuperCup Results
    SuperCup Results
  • 20:00 -22:00

    Top Gear SUV Challenge

    On Wednesday 29th August we will be running the Top Gear SUV Challenge. We will be putting the SUV class through its paces to find the pick of the bunch. Your vehicle will be tested on speed, braking, handling, acceleration, value, style and more.Each player will pick a car from the SUV Class to be their vehicle for the challenge. You will turn up in your stock vehicle and we will put them all through a series of performance tests before launching a playlist of races.

    Before we start the races we will get the opportunity to pimp out our rides, as per usual for a Top Gear Class Challenge this will mean no performance upgrades, cosmetic mods however are allowed.

    Performance Mods

    Armour – No
    Engine EMS – No
    Brakes – No
    Transmission – No
    Turbo – No

    Cosmetic Mods

    Roll Cage
    Lights etc

    Top Gear SUV Challenge available vehicles

    Gallivanter Baller
    Gallivanter Baller (Old)
    Gallivanter Baller LE
    Gallivanter Baller LE (Armored)
    Gallivanter Baller LE LWB
    Gallivanter Baller LE LWB (Armored)
    Karin BeeJay XL
    Albany Cavalcade
    Albany Cavalcade (Old)
    Benefactor Dubsta
    Benefactor Dubsta 2
    Fathom FQ2
    Declasse Granger
    Bravado Gresley
    Emperor Habanero
    Enus Huntley S
    Dundreary Landstalker
    Canis Mesa
    Mammoth Patriot
    Vapid Radius
    Obey Rocoto
    Canis Seminole
    Benefactor Serrano
    Benefactor XLS
    Benefactor XLS (Armored)

    The Contender will be banned for the night to open the field up a little.

    Please be aware that this will not be a night of straight racing, we will be testing various aspects of the vehicles one at a time before the racing begins.

    Sign up as usual on GTAF.



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