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    Vintage Town Car Grand Prix

    20:00 -22:00

    The vintage Town Car Grand Prix will see the variations of the Albany Roosevelt pitted against each other a series of races. Pick your side and stay with that all night, if you are racing the Valor then you need to remove the rear tyre to balance the vehicles.

    We also asked you to remove any turbo modifications from your cars for the evening too, spiffing gentlemen do not drive cars with turbos.

    We will run GTA races to spawn in cars for those who do not own them. We will also be racing contact so remember that racing rules & etiquette apply.

  • 12
    Worst in Class - Sports

    20:00 -22:00

    Our Top Gear Event on Wednesday 5th December will have a twist as we run a Worst in Class – Sports challenge. The usual rules apply but we will be looking for the worst Sports Car instead of the best.

    We will be running the usual tests on speed, style, braking, value, handing and racing and the points system will run as usual. However this time around lowest number of points wins.

    There will be no  banned vehicles for this event but we will expect clean racing as usual.

    Sign up as usual on GTAF.

  • 24
    Santas Sideways Showdown 2018

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us on Christmas Eve for Santa’s Sideways Showdown, a festive night of fun racing in the snow on Christmas Eve at 20:00 GMT. We will be running a playlist of races to make the most of the yearly appearance of snow using a mixture of quality user created tracks.We will be racing with contact on so will expect a decent standard of driving but also expect a whole heap of chaos and sideways action due to the snow. We will be racing with crews and players who have raced together before, there will be nobody out to ‘troll’ so remember any accidents are just that, accidents. Take them in your stride, have a laugh and enjoy the fun!

    This will be a joint Van society and Domestic Battery event with invites also extended to other crews we have raced with before.

    No need to sign up, just drop DoubleG213, Junior-Chubb or x_AllyCrawford_x on PSN to get added to the group chat.

Our Van Society GTA Events are highlighted in Orange and our GT Sport Events are highlighted in Red. All of our Events are held on PS4.