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    Classico Sporto Italiano

    Classico Sporto Italiano

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us on Wednesday 3rd October for our Classico Sporto Italiano racing event. We will run a night of racing using the Italian cars available, every driver needs to pick one car each and hopefully no duplicates.

    Classico Sporto Italiano Cars

    Grotti Turismo Classic
    Grotti Cheetah Classic

    Pegassi Infernus Classic
    Pegassi Torero
    Pegassi Monroe

    Lampadati  Viseris

    Don’t worry about picking a slower vehicle as you wont be driving it all night.

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    GTAO Creator Night

    GTAO Creator Night

    20:00 -22:00

    This Wednesday we are running a GTA Creator Night. We will be running up to 10 new races we have not used before from well known and new creators. Feel free to suggest a new race for us to try as long as it’s not one we have used before.
    To level the playing field a little the most OP cars from each class will be banned, for example no Pariahs to be used when racing Sports Class. We will run GTA races so we can spawn in cars for those who do not have them, the banned cars will be listed on the night.

    No need to sign up for this one, just drop us a message if you want to get involved or to suggest a race.

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    Dorifuto Night

    Dorifuto Night

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us on Wednesday 17th October at 20:00 BST for Dorifuto Night. To celebrate the release of liveries for the Karin Futo we are going to get together for a fun night of racing and more in what is one of the Van Society’s favourite cars in the game.All you need to take part is a Futo. Your car will be judged on style before your handling and then racing skills are put to the test.

    The usual rules apply, don’t bring the emergency services to the meet, do not bring guns, drive clean and don’t be a bellend.

    Max 8 players, sign up on GTAF –

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    Top Gear Challenge Germany vs Italy

    Top Gear Challenge: Germany vs Italy

    20:00 -22:00

    This week we will run a Top Gear Challenge pitting German efficiency against Italian style to see whose cars come out on top in GTAO. Pick a country when you sign up to race with Benefactor, Ubermacht and Pfister or Grotti, Pegassi and Lampadati.

    Top Gear Challenge: Germany vs Italy

    We will run races in Compact, Coupes, Sports and Super classes, we can spawn in cars for those who do not own them. All cars of German and Italian makes are eligible to race, for a quick guide the ‘fastest’ cars for each class are listed below. We will race each class twice, where possible race a different car for each race.

    Benefactor Panto v Grotti Brioso

    Ubermacht Zion v Lampadati Felon

    Pfister Comet SR v Grotti Bestia

    Sports Classics
    Benefactor Stirling GT v Grotti Turismo Classic

    Pfister 811 v Pegassi Zentorno

Our Van Society GTA Crew Events are highlighted in Orange and our GT Sport Events are highlighted in Red. All of our Events are held on PS4.