Dorifuto Night Results

Dorifuto Night Results

Thanks for coming along to our Futo event, great fun in the Futo’s as ever with a good balanced of racing and challenge jobs. Here are the Dorifuto Night Results.

After a quick meetup in free roam we launched the playlist, starting in the Dorifuto Arena Trashbags picked up the points for the best looking car inexplicably beating Princess Bubblegum to the prize. A bit of freestyle drifting next with Catman impressing the judges after nearly destroying, with sticky bombs explosive driving.

Drift Points, max score 100

80 – Catman
75- DoubleG
70 – Stappen
62 – Paulie
60 – Trashy
00 – Chubb

A quick race to Legion Square saw DoubleG pick up some points before Stappen slid in to win the Handbrake Parking stage.

Handbrake Parking, max score 100

85 – Stappen
75 – DoubleG
38 – Chubb
00 – Dave
00 – Trashy
00 – Paulie

A couple of races followed before we done some autotesting where Stappen picked up some more points. We ran a few more races and Futo Surfing before finishing on the Indy Speedway with ketchup and slipstream on for a laugh.

Dorifuto Night Results
Dorifuto Night Results
Dorifuto Night Results

Well done to DoubleG for winning the playlist but I am sure we can all agree that the real winner was the Futo.

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