Aslad’s Off Road Adventure Pt3 Results

Aslad’s Off Road Adventure Pt3 Results

The third installment of the Off-Road Challenge seems to be a success! We kicked off the night at the car park in El Burro Heights, and due to some ah… tomfoolery, we moved due to the swarm of emergency services that kept ramming our cars.

We set off across the hills away from Los Santos and soon reached the first checkpoint, where we stopped to vote on what car we thought was the best looking. After this, we carried on across the mountains to the second checkpoint at the power station, where we each did a timed lap. After leaving the power station, we continued climbing mountains and struggling over coastal rocks until reaching the quarry, where we had another set of timed laps. After this it was a run to the finish, pausing on the beach in Paleto Bay for an impromptu race to the finish line – the most northern car-accessible point on the map (this did not count towards results). The final event was voting on which car we felt performed the best throughout the night. It was good fun for all involved and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Below are the results from the night.

The way this works is that at the start of the night, everyone starts on zero points. You lose one point for each time you have to respawn your car due to either falling into the sea or simply it being stuck. You will also lose a point if you cannot make a certain part or if you skip a certain point (such as the rock crawling part). Respawning at checkpoints does not affect points. The top three in each event will gain points (first will receive 3, second gets 2, and third gets 1).

So firstly, a list of drivers and their cars.

The Drivers

Aslad – Stratum
JuniorChubb – Panto
DoubleG – Redwood Gauntlet
Stappen – Sabre Turbo
Road2Fury – Tailgater
Trashbags – Gang Burrito
Catman – Stanier
Paulie – Picador
Dave – Cheburek

Aslad’s Off Road Adventure Pt3 Results

Best Looking Car:
1. Double G (Gauntlet)
2. Dave (Cheburek)
3. Paulie (Picador)

Power Station Time Trial:
1. Paulie (Picador)
2. Stappen (Sabre Turbo)
3. Double G (Gauntlet)

Quarry Time Trial:
1. Catman (Stanier)
2. Stappen (Sabre Turbo)
3. Fury (Tailgater)

Best Performer:
1. Aslad (Stratum)
2. Dave (Cheburek)
3. Double G (Gauntlet)

Number of Car Deaths or challenge skips – Minus 1 Point for each one:
Aslad – 0
Dave – 2
Fury – 2
Stappen – 1
Double G – 2
Catman – 2
Chubb – 2
Paulie – 1
Trashbags – 1

Cost of Cars (cheapest gets 9 points, next cheapest gets 8 etc…)
1. (Cheapest) DoubleG (Redwood Gauntlet) – Free [+9 points]
2. Paulie (Picador) – $9000 [+8 points]
3. Aslad (Stratum) and Catman (Stanier) – $10,000 [+7 points each]
4. Stappen (Sabre Turbo) – $15,000 [+6 points]
5. Road2Fury (Tailgater) – $55,000 [+5 points]
6. Trashbags (Gang Burrito) – $65,000 [+4 points]
7. JuniorChubb (Panto) – $85,000 [+3 points]
8. (Most Expensive) Dave (Cheburek) – $145,000 [+2 points]

Final Results

Total Points:
1. Double G (Gauntlet) – 12 Points
2. Paulie (Picador) – 11 Points
3. Aslad (Stratum) – 10 Points
4. Stappen (Sabre Turbo) – 9 Points
5. Catman (Stanier) – 8 Points
6. Road2Fury (Tailgater) & Catman (Stanier) – 4 Points
7. Trashbags (Gang Burrito) – 3 Points
8. JuniorChubb (Panto) – 1 Point

Well done DoubleG for bringing the best car on the night. In true Top Gear style speeeeeeeeeeed was key! Unfortunately the plucky Panto trundled in last, probably its rightful place in an Off Road event.

Thanks all for coming, thanks to Aslad for putting on a great nights entertainment.

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