Weeni Issi Classic Races

Weeni Issi Classic Races

We love the Issi Classic at the Van Society so these Issi Classic Races could be fun. The Southern San Andreas racing circuit has been hijacked by Britain’s fiercest export since Hugh Harrison – the Weeny Issi Classic. Pilot the pint-sized star of The Vespucci Job against 29 other battle-scarred racers across seven all new tracks designed to put your compact automotive skills to the ultimate test.

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Weeni Issi Classic Races

The Repeater – http://rsg.ms/d4b200f

The Issi Job – http://rsg.ms/ca5f2ab

Turbine Trouble – http://rsg.ms/5403845

Goal – http://rsg.ms/e183d0a

Sidewinder – http://rsg.ms/6f13373

City Jumper – http://rsg.ms/24c2351

Paleto Palace – http://rsg.ms/62fb8c9